Alina Lanina got rid of the “cubes” on the belly

Алина Ланина избавилась от «кубиков» на животе
The star of the series “the Father shore” on the First channel sacrificed their muscles for a new role.

Alina Lanina

Photo: from personal archive Alina Lannoy

To get better or lose weight for the role for Alina no problem. However, after the release of the sci-Fi Thriller “Defenders,” for
which the actress gained “superhero” body, she was sorry to part with the perfect
forms. “The producers gave me only two months, I mastered the combat skills
and I had the muscles, — says the actress. The one who has to
sports, know what “drying”. The principle is simple: a lot of sport and strictly
carbohydrate-free diet. Do not advise anyone to do this or not getting the desired
minerals, you just ruin your body, reduce the immune system. And when you go
with diet, health will have to improve, and the weight will come back. But I had an emergency
situation. I had to do all the filming. So every day
worked six hours: tumbling, stunt classes, pole dance
a fitness coach… I Remember that pre-workout was sitting in the car and roared,
because I couldn’t get up — couldn’t go…”

In the result, Alina has found dramatic relief body with six
cubes press on the abdomen.

But after the “Defenders” Lannoy was offered the role of a girl who is in the frame appeared in dresses with no sleeves and overly muscular arms of the actress too rushed
in the eye. “I returned the fluid form is quite easy, just ceasing to comply with
no carb diet — said Alina. But the sport of my life, of course, not
left: I continue to stay fit working out in the gym. When not filming,
I train 4 times a week.”

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