Alina Kabaeva saved the child

Алина Кабаева спасла ребенка The accomplished athlete was unable to remain indifferent to the misfortunes of others. After learning about the disaster, which hit the little boy, Alina Kabaeva has done everything possible to make his parents managed to send him for treatment.

      Алина Кабаева спасла ребенка

      Last week the athlete in the narrow family circle celebrated its 33rd birthday. Kabaeva has a very indoor lifestyle – this applies to everything, including charity, which she practices regularly.

      She recently helped save the life of an eight month old boy Alexander Stetsenko from Rostov-on-don. Two months after birth he was diagnosed with a terrible disease – cancer in both eyes. To save the child’s vision, it was decided to go abroad. Swiss clinic Hopital Ophtalmique Jules-Gonin agreed to take the child and billed at €42 thousand For an officer of the army Valery and his wife, economist Tatiana, the amount was overwhelming.

      “We appealed to the charity Fund “Happy world”, – says the “StarHit” Sasha’s mother. – We have some savings: we spent on the survey, three cycles of chemotherapy in Israel, which took place about six months on the recommendation of the Swiss doctors. Was hoping for a miracle. The fundraising was going, but slowly… I couldn’t believe when I called the employee Fund and said that Alina Kabaeva gave us 1.1 million rubles. My husband and I were crying from happiness. Thanks to this money the collection was closed and we with the son were able to continue treatment.”

      At that moment Sasha was the smallest among the Foundation’s beneficiaries. “Maybe that’s why Alina Maratovna drew attention to it,” says the volunteer, “Happy world” Eugene. – Kabaeva got in touch with us via the assistant. Told that saw the story of the baby in one of the publications, was asked to find out whether it is our wards. Alina wished Sasha is more likely to get better, to get stronger and grow healthy. Promised to follow his destiny”.

      If a boy has fulfilled the mandate Kabaeva. Now the child is in remission, but every two months he and his mother fly on a survey. The latter showed that the tumor is not active and no new lesions.

      Alina Kabaeva could never pass by someone else’s misfortune. The accomplished athlete to help many Russian families, but does not apply to this expense. In March 2014 “StarHit” wrote a mother of many children, whose children grow up in difficult conditions. Learn about how a woman, her five children and two grandchildren are forced to live in a cramped Dorm room, Kabaeva did all that the family had its own corner. The unknown side of the life of Alina Kabaeva revealed the mother of many children

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