Алина Кабаева произвела фурор в ультрамодных джинсах Popular gymnast is preparing for the festival with the participation of pupils of sports schools. In social networks there were photos from the dress rehearsal, during which Kabayeva was carefully controlled all the elements of performances. Internet users noted that the star herself looked terrific and was very kind to the children.
Алина Кабаева произвела фурор в ультрамодных джинсах

Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva actively supports the development of children’s sports in Russia. Every year a woman spends the festival of artistic gymnastics, named in her honor. A few hours ago in one of the concert halls ended with a dress rehearsal with the participation of Alina Kabaeva. According to those present at the workshop, a celebrity personally supervised all the elements which served the pupils of sports schools.

In social networks there were photos from the event, as well as videos, which can be considered fashionable ripped jeans Kabaeva decorated with rhinestones and sequins. Famous gymnast combined this piece with a simple dark top and light shoes. People who personally attended the event, said that Alina is very attentive to the young athletes.

“She didn’t ignore any little girl looking at her with his eyes of hope! At the end of filming, when the Director said “all are free”, she said “wait” and thanked all the kids! Wished everyone good luck! Said that tomorrow will be children from orphanages, and all the speakers should give them a holiday! And probably the most touching moment, when all stood on the stage and one girl, apparently not believing that Alina real, gently finger touched her that Aline turned around and hugged her, and then all the other babies!” – said the lady of the social network.

Recall that Alina often helps young talents to believe in themselves. Many gymnasts take her example, so happy when Kabaeva personally present at sporting events and explains how to perform a particular item.

The star of the sport even appeared double. 17-year-old Julia Vostruhina from Novomoskovsk is very similar to the Olympic champion externally, and also tries to follow her rules. The girl maintains a blog, which gives advice to young athletes who are engaged in gymnasticson. Alina Kabaeva appeared double

“My goal is to teach kids and help them to make the first steps in the sport. I, like Erika, going to do good things free of charge!” – I said to Julia “StarHit”.
Алина Кабаева произвела фурор в ультрамодных джинсах