Alina Kabaeva is changing the lives of others: history, which we didn’t know

Алина Кабаева меняет чужие жизни: истории, о которых мы не знали Thanks athlete the children from the orphanage found a family injured in accident — faith in the future, and the musicians fame and popularity. “StarHit” talked with those who were affected by the meeting with Alina Kabaeva.

      Алина Кабаева меняет чужие жизни: истории, о которых мы не знали

      Olympic champion rarely sees the light because of the employment Kabaeva runs his own charitable Foundation, a major media company, organizes the festival of rhythmic gymnastics “Alina”. Recently, the athlete made a splash, appearing on the show “Alexei Nemov and legends of the sport”. Kabaeva is always trying to find time for friends and relatives who live in different cities of Russia, and even to strangers. Prettier Alina Kabaeva made a splash at the event


      Алина Кабаева меняет чужие жизни: истории, о которых мы не знали

      In the spring of 2014 Alina Kabaeva helped a large family of Oksana Rozhkova from Naberezhnye Chelny Fund athletes gave the woman, raising five children and two grandchildren, the new three-storey house with an area of 260 square meters. There they moved from the room of the old hostel. Recently in the home recharge occurred, Oksana was able to take custody of six children from the orphanage.

      “I could not get used to a new life – recognized “StarHit” Rozhkov. And settled down, I realized that I could now help others. In the summer of 2014 got custody of the first child. And in 2015 – still above the five! Unfortunately, it is to adopt them I can not – upon reaching adulthood, they will lose the chance to obtain their housing from the state. And in my huge house until all missing. The kids there are good, better than at the shelter. Older children help with the younger lead to kindergarten and school, on the farm everyone has their own responsibilities… by the Way, over the last two years I had five more grandchildren! Finance is not easy, but we’re not complaining. Although have needed repair: the floor collapses in the living room, falls gable house, broken plumbing… Hoard quietly. Recently I called assistant Alina Kabaeva told about their achievements, said Hello and thanked for the opportunity to live and enjoy!”


      Алина Кабаева меняет чужие жизни: истории, о которых мы не знали

      Thanks to the meeting with Alina for more than 10 years ago, Igor Ushakov from Kursk, confined to a wheelchair, became the master of sports. He’s still in the smallest details remembers dinner with the champion, won in the contest. At 18 he was in a motorcycle accident, broke my back – since then does not go. But not discouraged. While determined with the plans to life, climbed the highest peak in North America – mount McKinley, 6194 m in 40 days, using a specially equipped sled. After that, Ushakov was even listed in the Guinness Book of records. All this he wrote in a letter to the star.

      “This meeting turned my world upside down, – said Igor with “StarHit”. At that time I did not know what to do, the future looked uncertain… But Kabaeva inspired me. We talked a lot… I’ve told you about myself and Alina – about sports, trips, emotions experienced during the tournament. I also wanted to be part of this. Soon began to engage in athletics, then fencing, where he became a master of sports, medalist of the world Cup. I even OTO – took the Russian team at the Paralympic games in London 2012, but having received a severe injury, I could not go.”


      When aspiring singer Andrey Semashko passed a song about Kabaeva her mother, Lyubov Mikhailovna, anything especially did not expect. But the day when the track was in the hands of Alina has changed the lives of Andrew and his friend Stas Rublev.

      “Some time after this we received an invitation to a birthday Alina, – says Vladimir Semashko. – Celebrated restaurant on the Arbat, were fifty people. At some point Kabaeva handed comic award – we got a chocolate star for creative input in her life. At the same event held the first our performance in life, another group was not – we were just thinking about it. Aline then offered to star in the video for this song and she agreed.

      Video “Alina Kabaeva” spinning on all channels, it made us popular. But deep down we hope that the athlete helped too. After we crossed a few times at events. And recently, Stas met her and offered to shoot another video. Kabaeva answered “Yes”.