Alina Kabaeva has stood up for the Russian athletes after the scandal

Алина Кабаева вступилась за российских спортсменов после скандала Celebrity summed up the year. Alina Kabaeva commented on the recent decision of the International Olympic Committee not to allow the Russian team to the international competition in Pyeongchang.
Алина Кабаева вступилась за российских спортсменов после скандала

Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of NMG Alina Kabaeva has given an interview in which he spoke about the most resonant events of the year. According to star 2017 was one of the most difficult times for the Russian athletes. This underlines Kabaeva, they managed to gain a great number of victories – “bright, interesting, complex, in spite of everything”.

Gymnast praised the achievements of the Russian Paralympic world Cup in skiing and biathlon, the success of world champion in the high jump Mary Laecken, as well as performances of Azerbaijani gymnasts at competitions in Italy.

Алина Кабаева вступилась за российских спортсменов после скандала“Usually about the progress and success of the say awards, the medals that the athletes bring to international competition. In this respect, Russian sport among the world leaders. Our athletes showed excellent results in sports and rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, ice hockey, volleyball, tennis, diving, shooting, athletics, modern pentathlon, short-track… the List could go on and on,” added Alina Maratovna.
Алина Кабаева вступилась за российских спортсменов после скандала

Reporters also learned opinion Kabaeva about doping scandals. Reporters asked the star than it can be caused criticism of Russia from WADA and the IOC.

“It’s hard for me to judge what you really want to officials, but the fact that they are nightmares our sport is obvious. Anti-doping scandal lasts from November 2015 and so far, as I understand it, conclusive evidence of the Commission of inquiry are not provided. (…) The Olympic principle of personal responsibility: blame – punish who is to blame. But when those who stand at the helm, begin to act on the principle of guilty – punish them all, and declare guilty all athletes of one state, this is the fight against doping, and with something different that the sport is not connected” – sure celebrity.

Alina Kabaeva assumes that the decisions of the IOC can be “no official documentation”, and “someone’s personal, subjective representation of punishment”. Gymnast was supported by the Russian athletes who will compete at the Olympics under a neutral flag. According to Kabaeva, they will be very difficult.

“After all, every athlete has a homeland, a sense of national pride, it’s not possible to cancel or assign. Although not long ago it turned out that nationality is the doping (!). The IOC President stated that “the Russian doping” is “the main challenge for the Olympic movement”! How to understand this?” perplexed star.

Gymnast recalled the cases when foreigners were suspected of doping. Thus, according to journalists, the Norwegian participants in the Olympic games, suffering from asthma and in need of receiving special medication, won about 70% of the medals since 1992.

“What about equal terms in the sport can say, if exceptions become the norm and part of the athletes takes drugs containing doping? I’m going back to the topic of high performance sport is a special sphere of activity, it has its own stringent requirements, especially to the health of the athlete. Sick – get well and come back to the sport. Well, if you are sick from childhood, you have to choose Amateur sports, other activities” – quoted by Alina M. “Sport-Express”.