Алина Кабаева родила двух мальчиков? Правда ли это?
Before the Internet had spread the news that Alina Kabaeva gave birth to two boys in the Moscow center of obstetrics and gynecology, who recently visited the President.

Алина Кабаева родила двух мальчиков? Правда ли это?

The rumors that Alina Kabaeva gave birth to appear quite regularly. And write about it, both Russian and foreign media, but so far it remains a mystery.

This time, the network had spread the news that Alina gave birth in secrecy at the Moscow center of obstetrics and gynecology named Kulakov. As they say that for the sake of comfort and privacy, all the other mothers were transferred away from VIP chamber Kabaeva. But, nevertheless, it became known that she gave birth to two boys.

At the time, this center was visited by the Russian President, where he was shown all the advantages of this institution. So you can dream up on this topic.

Алина Кабаева родила двух мальчиков? Правда ли это?

Naturally, the media representatives have already contacted the people from the inner circle of Alina, but they categorically stated that they will not comment on the rumors. So, waiting for new posts on this topic.

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One thought on “Alina Kabaeva gave birth to two boys? Is it true?”
  1. Fake news.
    In fact, it was a completely different woman with the name Kabaeva, but with the name not Alina, but Alexandra. In fact, the clinic was Alexandra Kabaeva. It is worth noting Alexandra Kabaeva – this is an ex-participant of the reality show “Dom-2” on TNT.
    This channel was the first that wrote about that nonsense and now all the facts speak about the special status of the “pinette”, about which Dom2Life.ru has become known “we can confuse the names of Alina and ex-participant of” DOMA-2 “, model Sasha Kabaeva. That’s a lot of money … you know ….
    Alexandra after the threat of miscarriage was put on the preservation and conduct of the operation at the Kulakov Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology.For 2 weeks …and for the days 5, 6 , AND 7 May, until- monday May 13!
    That’s what our media inflated such a news scandal.
    Everything is a fiction of the yellow press!Why staged a game with the name Kabaeva? How nasty and low. Fool people.
    Russian President has always denied his relationship with Alina Kabaeva.
    This nonsense is more than 10 years old !!!! 10 years without evidence !!!
    They have created a fantastic story that matters for reality only for economic and financial gain.
    Absolute nonsense.
    if she wanted to keep secrecy she would not have made such a… noise in one central clinic of Moscow! There were many other ways…

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