Alina Kabaeva flashed in a trendy manner

Алина Кабаева блеснула в ультрамодном образе Athlete and former member of the state Duma appeared as a guest in the program “Evening Urgant”. Famous gymnast, currently occupying the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors of National Media group, showed a bold outfit in the Studio of a popular show.

      Алина Кабаева блеснула в ультрамодном образе

      Recently Alina Kabaeva has increasingly come to light. Not long ago, the accomplished athlete and former member of the state Duma appeared at the premiere of the show Alexei Nemov in the company of a friend and her children, where she created a furore by their appearance. Sports star is much prettier — become slimmer and literally flourished, but because her appearance at social events has long been discussed in the Network. This time Kabaeva has visited the Studio of the program “Evening Urgant”. Once in the chair guest, a popular evening show on the First channel, Alina talked about what she’s doing now and what has changed in her professional life over the past few years.

      Despite the fact that the presenter Ivan Urgant Alina Kabaeva led a fairly interesting conversation, which was a place of sparkling jokes and lyrical asides, where greater public interest has caused the appearance of the guest. For recording on the First channel Alina Kabaeva has chosen a very bold and extravagant attire — the Olympic champion was in a pencil skirt, emphasizing her slim waist and in a transparent blouse, through which could clearly see her shoulders and arms. Despite the apparent severity of the image, the outfit Kabaeva can be called Flirty and sexy.

      Throughout the conversation with the person of Alina Kabaeva went smile. A young woman willingly answered jokes, released the host of the show and showed his sense of humor. For example, a celebrity is willing to support the conversation about the fact that she is the head of Ivan Urgant. The thing is that after leaving from a post of the Deputy of the state Duma Alina Kabaeva has held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of National Media group, which includes First channel. Gymnast appreciated the joke Urgant on this subject, and while modestly turned the conversation in another direction.