Alina Kabaeva chooses a profession for a future daughter

Алина Кабаева выбирает профессию для будущей дочери After two weeks in the capital kicks off the festival of rhythmic gymnastics, which will bring together children from different regions of Russia and other countries. In preparation for the big event, Alina Kabaeva told about his attitude to the sport and popularity.
Алина Кабаева выбирает профессию для будущей дочери

May 21, in Moscow, opened the tenth anniversary festival of rhythmic gymnastics “Alina”. These days in the capital, the preparations for the big event, invented by the famous Olympic champion. On the eve of an important event Alina Kabaeva told the journalists about his favorite sport, the relationship with Irina Viner-Usmanova and social networks.

When the future star was 11 years old, she had to lose three pounds in three days. Such a condition, the girl put Irina Viner-Usmanova. At first the coach didn’t want to take Kabaeva, motivating its decision by the fact that it is already too big. However, Alina’s mother of Maratovna asked Viner-Usmanov to look at her daughter. Over time, Irina has become Kabaeva member of the family.

“I’m grateful, first, for everything. Because she raised me, because she made me, not afraid of the word, a great athlete,” shared a gymnast.
Алина Кабаева выбирает профессию для будущей дочери

Journalists asked Kabaeva, she wished for her child to begin a career in this industry. Alina Maratovna has admitted that he has nothing against.

“It is imperative that you. If possible, and be a girl, I would have gladly gave to gymnastics. But not because I engaged in sports, but because of the artistic gymnastics harmoniously developed child, we have choreography, we have a physical load. Here we have beautiful music. Again – the staff. So sport is great. That’s really cool. I have all the little girls saying they’re already Champions because they come to work, overcome itself,” – said the star.

Alina Kabaeva is trying to motivate the young athletes and organise the festival so that it was not an individual competition. According to celebrity, competition, and so lacking in adult life. Therefore, at the festival of rhythmic gymnastics the children learn to rejoice and worry about the overall result. According to Kabaeva, because it brings the younger generation.

Unlike many stars, Alina Maratovna gets the accounts in social networks. From a celebrity there is only own website. At one time gymnast struggled with fake accounts, but then stopped. Every time managed to close one page, by creating another.

To its popularity Kabaeva refers to great responsibility. “I remember at the all-Russian tournament in Omsk came to me and asked for an autograph. That’s not something, I think. I said, “my autograph?”. Yes, I have your autograph. I realized that look up to me, looking at me,” he told Zvezda TV channel “Mir 24”.