Alina Kabaeva appeared double

У Алины Кабаевой появился двойник 17-year-old Julia Vostruhina from Novomoskovsk similar to the famous Olympic champion like two drops of water. Gymnast takes a cue from his idol. On YouTube Julia launched the program “Steps to success” which gives advice to aspiring athletes.

      У Алины Кабаевой появился двойник

      Olympic champion appears in public rarely, but neatly. This time Kabaeva appeared on the international tournament in rhythmic gymnastics Grand-Prix “Moscow 2017” at the end of February. White dress, modest jewelry and silver stilettos… But on this day the views of the public was drawn not only to the champion. Those present turned to the young spectators who came to watch the competition. 17-year-old gymnast Yulia Vostrukhina from Novomoskovsk asked: “You sister, Alina?”

      Alina Kabaeva is changing the lives of others: history, which we didn’t know

      У Алины Кабаевой появился двойник

      Julia with five years in the sport, and at seven she met with a star. Went to idol competitions: “And you really Alina Kabaeva?” She laughed in response and hugged her, “it Seems”. And even photographed with the girl in the memory. Even then Vostruhina heard from the coach that similar to idol. She thought: “it is Necessary to learn the exercise with a Hoop, which became fatal for Kabaeva at the 2000 Olympics, and performing with him in front of Irina Viner”.

      “Exercise is something I have repeated, but to show what can and could not, – says the “StarHit” Vostruhina. – I even got to the training camp, which hosted the show in the national team. But, unfortunately, the other coaches and not have Irina Alexandrovna. “All very well, but you can not take” – such was the verdict. I’m upset because I never found out why – because technique I have everything running smoothly. Leaving home for a long time experienced. For the sports career, my family went to great lengths: he moved from city to city, spending a lot of money. Dad broke down and left us with Mama.”

      Love to the idol made her not only hope for a miracle, but to follow in her footsteps. She started on the YouTube blog and has become the leading analog program, which was led by Kabaeva, “Steps to success”. There are tips for beginning gymnasts, Julia shows exercises.

      “It’s amazing, but I already signed almost 20 thousand people! continues celebrity. But to sell is never. My goal is to teach kids and help them to make the first steps in the sport. I, like Erika, going to do good things free of charge!”