Alina Grosu gave the fans a sensual lyric video

Алина Гросу подарила поклонникам чувственное лирик видео
Popular singer Alina Grosu impressed its fans with a soulful performance of songs about love “Last night”.

Алина Гросу подарила поклонникам чувственное лирик видео

Last night is a beautiful end of a failed relationship, when to refuse it is impossible, unrequited love and closed his eyes. To live now, then to erase your memories and forget about the night, about thoughts, about unrequited love.

Singing this song, Alina was genuinely surprised fans with his sensitive and striking performance, which is reflected in the huge number of rave reviews that poured into her belt.

Without a doubt, the song left no one indifferent, especially those for whom love is the meaning of life.

In the lyric video includes only a few frames of the next clip, so now we have to wait for its release in late October.

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