Алика Смехова будет отвечать в суде за испорченную квартиру
Actress Alika Smekhova was the cause of the damage to someone else’s apartment.

Алика Смехова будет отвечать в суде за испорченную квартиру

Because of the flood, arranged in the apartment of the actress, injured neighbor. He decided not to wait and filed a lawsuit against Smechova, demanding a large sum of money.

“Alikay I have a few years of living in one entrance, – shared with journalists Alexander Tulupov, a neighbor of the actress. – Never really talked, occasionally said Hello when we met. Recently come home, and I have all the ceilings and walls in divorce, around the water… just realized something the artist is broke. Run to her, knock on the door, and I open strangers in wet clothes. Turns out she was just undergoing renovations: do not keep the water fountain from the plumbing went. With the leak figured out pretty quickly, but the damage remains evident.

I have a very old apartment, so I quickly bulging floors, suffered almost all the furniture, Wallpaper hanging pieces. After a few hours called experts who estimated the damage at 140 thousand rubles. All recorded in the photos in case you think that you’re lying”.

A few days ago in one of courts of Moscow, a lawsuit was filed on the actress, despite the fact that Alec offered their help.

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