Alika Smekhova was shocked by the results of the DNA test

Алика Смехова была потрясена результатами проведенного ДНК-теста
The actress revealed a new family.

Elena Malysheva and Alika Smekhova

Alika Smekhova participated in the program “Live healthy”, the shooting of which he learned the results of the DNA examination. About the genetic test, the actress told Elena Malysheva. The presenter told Alec about what American actress is her genetic cousin and which diseases have have Humorous disposition.

The study was conducted at the maternal side of the artist. As it turned out, Alyx blood flows of immigrants from southern, Central and Eastern Europe, and in a smaller number of representatives of the Asian race. From Aliki revealed several known genetic relatives: the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna (wife of Nicholas II) and Hollywood star Susan Sarandon.

Interesting was the results of the study Aliki genetic predisposition to dangerous diseases. Fortunately, Smekhova is not a carrier of genes for a deadly disease, but over time she or her children may be affected with hemochromatosis (the”Viking gene”). Smekhova genetically predisposed with a high content of iron in the blood.

The artist was also interested to learn that it does not have a genetic predisposition to obesity. Thus, it is not recommended to eat foods containing gluten, because of the risk of allergies. According to Laughter, more than 10 years, she intuitively felt the need of rejection of gluten, and is now convinced that it was the right decision.