Alika Smekhova was disappointed in men

Алика Смехова сильно разочаровалась в мужчинах The famous actress openly spoke about the problems in his personal life. Alika Smekhova admitted that he is not thinking about the past, life’s challenges made her stronger and also tempered character.
Алика Смехова сильно разочаровалась в мужчинах

Alika Smekhova became the heroine of the program “a Perfect repair”. The artist was entrusted to professionals, the repair of the apartment that had once belonged to her grandmother. Despite the fact that the star now lives outside the city, she really wanted to transform the inherited room.


“One of the main people in my life — my grandmother. She has always been involved in my life. She worked 25-30 years in the people’s control Committee, to get an apartment. After seventy grandmother gave the apartment, and she bequeathed it to me,” – said a celebrity.
Алика Смехова сильно разочаровалась в мужчинах

Told Smekhova about the problems in his personal life. The actress claims not to fixate on the failures in relationships with men, trying to look optimistically into the future. We will remind, Alexander was married three times, but now she’s all alone.

“Big mistake, when talking to a woman with a difficult past, to focus on one topic, suck it. I look forward, I have a new stage in life. I don’t have any ill memories or claims,” says the actress.
Алика Смехова сильно разочаровалась в мужчинах

Now she is all attention to the care of children. She has two sons Artem and Makar. The godmother of the eldest heir to the stars was Olga Kabo, close friend Humorous.

“When in this age, the woman is alone, keeps house, father of two sons, one can only wonder. I’m ready to remove before alikay hat. I see her problem, but she is very organized and handled everything,” – says Olga Kabo.

She Smekhova claims that fate has rewarded her strong character. The star appreciates the rigor and in life and in interior design. That is why she insisted the program is “Perfect repair” to avoid plush, monograms and carved details in the design of her room.

Said the actress and why she has no relations with men.

“Men have not spared. But dad always regret that I miss so much in my personal life,” says the star.

Also, the actress emphasizes that family are the sons. She has been successfully building her career as an actress and singer, and is also involved in charity work. Together with Olga Kabo she organizes creative events for kids from orphanages.

The transformation, which managed to achieve the masters program “a perfect repair” delighted Smehova. As a main color was chosen as grey, and the main “highlight” of the room was the king size bed with a cushioned headboard. The actress insisted on a minimal amount of furniture, so the experts gave preference to the built-in shelves for books and elegant chair. The actress was left in complete awe of the fact that all her wishes were taken into account.