Alika Smekhova told how hard it is to be a single mother

Алика Смехова рассказала, как тяжело быть матерью-одиночкой
The actress opened up to the fans.

Photo: Instagram

Alika Smekhova was married three times. She has two wonderful sons, 17-year-old Artem and 9-year-old Makar. Despite the fact that it always maintains a very famous dad — Veniamin Smekhov, the actress, as it turned out, very not enough reliable male shoulder. And in terms of educating the boys.

“Never thought I’d be a single mother, says Alika. But for ten years I raise my boys. Of course, this is hard, first and foremost, emotionally, physically. So many decisions we must make and actions to perform…. One for all and all is not enough, but what wonderful boys I have!”

Alika says that she is a very strict mother. “I have two boys and I and mom and dad. That should keep them in tight rein. Besides, I’m a supporter of a clear mode of the day and all of life is a good organizer: all thought, will check”, — said the actress in interwew the magazine “7 Days”.

The eldest son of Laughter this year graduated from high school with honors and enrolled at the University.

“For 11 years I did not have any problems, — told then the actress. — We have not had any of the tutor!”

Aliki younger son is studying in the fourth grade. During the past summer he is very much matured. This contributed to the first summer that he spent without my mom. Makar spent the holidays in the children’s camp.