Алика Смехова: «Разрыдаться я позволила себе только дома»
The actress spoke about the tragedy with his eldest son.

Alika Smekhova sons and Artem Makarov

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Alika Smekhova is still with a shudder recalls the day when her six year old son Artem fell off his bike and received a severe brain injury. “When I brought the son in a semi-conscious state, I’m not freaking out, though he wept, his wildly aching head, face beginning to swell terribly,” says the actress. Just in extreme situations I mobilizes, and my head is spinning: how can I solve this problem? And I acted like an automaton. I know that a person cannot be removed from the floor after a fall, if there is a risk of damaging the spine. So the first thing Artem lay on something hard. Three minutes later, my husband (then I still lived with her father Artema) has carried son to the local emergency room and from there rushed at the Filatov hospital, because the situation was difficult. The doctors immediately put drip…”

Artem then not only hit his head, but broke his collarbone. But most of all Alec cared about the consequences of a blow to the head. She directly asked the doctors: “How will the injury to your son? How will this backfire in the future? Don’t hide anything from me…” Smekhova stayed with my son for the night in the house, heard him moaning in his sleep. “My heart was torn, but I told myself: “You can’t cry…”, – says the actress. To cry it is allowed only when the child was at home. While at the hospital, Alec understood: it is necessary to gather and save his son… Thank God, Tom was quickly on the mend in a few days he was discharged home to convalesce. “Then the son had long observed by a neurologist. And still on the x-ray traces of that injury,” says Smekhova.

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