Алика Смехова села на детокс-диету
The actress decided to lose weight and rid your body of toxins.

Alika Smekhova

Photo: @alika_smekhova (Instagram Aliki Laughter)

Many times Alika Smekhova flew to Austria to go
detox, which can help excrete the toxins. Now the actress is more comfortable: she found a Studio in Moscow, carry out detox therapy level not worse than the Western.

published a picture, which it is something green and liquid. “I will share the impressions and results
says the actress. And while soup from a broccoli with almonds”. Subscribers Aliki noticed that the look of the actress in the pictures is not joyful,
apparently, according to them, the broccoli — not the her favorite dish. But all fans
were United in one thing that proper nutrition is great. “I have the right
food! Good for you! members. — Probably not salty, what to do, health
need to be protected”.

By the way, recently a 48-year-old actress is not at all complex
about her figure, posted a bold picture taken against a blue
sea. As Alika admitted that she didn’t use photoshop to embellish their
dignity, because she is so proud of his beautiful figure. Fans
compared Smehova with Aphrodite just came out of the water.

“Incredible Alika! What a beautiful woman!”
“Right body, the right age! I Admire You!”, “I would
to survive in this age, without fanaticism to the training and the diet!” —
commented on the subscribers.