Alika Smekhova remembered their first earnings

Алика Смехова вспомнила размер своих первых заработков
Already at the age of 15, the actress brought home the money.

Alika Smekhova and Olga Yudkis 15 years of age

Photo: Facebook Aliki Laughter

From time to time celebrities attend various
flashmob: share baby photos, remember the student or the school
years. Alika Smekhova, for example, recalled of his first jobs.

“The first big money I earned in 15 years, leading to
radio. Maybe someone remembers, it was a transfer of “Peers”? When it was
the teen Council, which came to the guys and discussed various topics, invited
guests. I must say that in the mid-80s we’ve allowed myself to free-thinking. In
the Council consisted of the now famous people: Dima Bykov, Olga Yudkis and many others,”
says Alika.

“Our chef Igor Dubrovitsky was chosen member of the Council
co-host for the broadcast. Sometimes the choice fell on me. I ran into the street
However, there was a children’s and youth edition. And clear voice
broadcast: “in the same year. Transmission for high school students! Hello, guys!” The
pleasant was the fact that each broadcast is paid for separately. “And 9
rubles were in my pocket, and maybe a little less,” — said the size of their
fees for radio Smekhova.

With the age of 18, Alik began to appear
in the movie. One of the first films, where her name appeared in the credits, became a cult
the Karen Shakhnazarov’s film “the Courier”. The actress has played in this picture the role of Nina.