Алика Смехова вспомнила, как спасала жизнь сына The eldest heir to the stars Artyom almost died from a traumatic brain injury. Alika Smekhova watching by the bedside of a child in the hospital and did not allow himself to cry. The actress is worried that a brain injury can further affect the health of the boy.

      Russian singer Alika Smekhova single mother of two sons Artem and Makar. According to star, she lives and works to ensure that they had everything and constantly worried about their health. Smekhova admitted that many years ago her life was a tragedy. The eldest son Artem suffered a serious brain injury. Alec had to save the child.

      “When I brought the son in a semi-conscious state, I’m not freaking out, though he wept, his wildly aching head, face beginning to swell terribly. Just in extreme situations I mobilizes, and my head is spinning: how can I solve this problem? And I acted like an automaton. I know that a person cannot be removed from the floor after a fall, if there is a risk of damaging the spine. So the first thing Artem lay on something hard. Three minutes later, my husband (then I still lived with her father Artema) has carried son to the local emergency room and from there rushed at the Filatov hospital, because the situation was difficult,” – said Smekhova.

      All this time the woman did not allow himself to cry, tried to be strong. She is very worried that this injury could in the future affect the health of Artem. The singer has been at the bedside of the heir to the whole night. According to Laughter, it broke heart when she heard him moaning. In addition to traumatic brain injury, the boy had a broken collarbone. “I cried, but only then, when the child was already home. Able to afford it. While at the hospital, I realized: I’ve gotta save my son,” admitted Alec.

      Fortunately, the boy quickly went on the mend in a few days he was discharged home. According to the singer, still an x-ray shows the traces of this injury, although it’s been ten years. The actress had to relive such stress in a few years when the youngest Makar crashed head on vacation in the Crimea. He sewed up his forehead at a local hospital without anesthesia.

      As the eldest son of Laughter Artem started puberty, relationship of mother and child experiencing hard times. “He occasionally unhappy mother. And he doesn’t like the attention to his person. Grumbles at me, stopped being affectionate as before,” admitted the star, the journalists of “7 days”.

      Despite the enormous care of children, Alec believes that they lack the man’s shoulder. Makarov and Artem communicate with grandpa, and he’s really helping them. But Smekhova’s worried that failed to give the heirs of a family. Alika Smekhova blames himself for the fact that children are growing up without a dad

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