Alika Smekhova gave my son a disco

Алика Смехова подарила сыну дискотеку
7days.EN visited on a family holiday actress.

Alika Smekhova sons and Artem Makarov

Photo: Yury Feklistov

In honor of desyatiletiya of her youngest son Makar, the actress staged a big celebration for children. “When I asked Makar that he wants to get a birthday, the son was named favorite collection of the designer, but first of all asked to have a party for him and friends in the restaurant. Makar I foodie, therefore, his company wanted to feed something tasty. I chose the meat restaurant in the heart of Moscow serving excellent burgers,” says Smekhova. The highlight of the celebration was a show program with entertainment and fun contests. Most Makar, his friends and two godchildren Aliki liked the bubble show and a fun “paper” disco, with a whole drifts of confetti. And when sounded incendiary dance music, the children joined their parents, and the tone of the dance was asked by the mother of the birthday boy.

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