Алика Смехова пала жертвой Дмитрия Нагиева
The actor played a cruel counterpart.

With Dmitry Nagiyev in the series “Two fathers and two sons” on STS

Photo: CTC

At the beginning of the new season of “Two fathers and two sons” on the channel STS Alika Smekhova felt what it is when you are kidding yourself Dmitry Nagiyev.

“After a long shooting shifts I was driving home in terrible traffic jams,” says the actress. – And suddenly notice that virtually all the drivers — men and women — pay attention to me: look in the salon, smiling and waving. I’m confused: why would such universal attention? And there are already close to home I stopped by the DPS officer and begins to say: “what is This, why do you imagine THAT? For IT is a deprivation of rights! Leave-ka!” Go and see: on the back of your car instead of my room glued to the other — “VOLOCHKOVA”. I immediately realized: this could be done only Nagiyev. Say to the inspector: “do You not understand? I’m not a troublemaker, I’m a victim. I played…” And he said: “I know Nothing…” had to pay a fine. Of course, I was very angry at Dima. Evil came out of a joke. Perhaps at another time I too would have laughed: stupid, traveled half of Moscow with the license plate “Volochkova! But that day after 12 hours of filming I’m very tired. And here such trouble. As soon as I broke up with the inspector, immediately called Nagiyev: “Dima, of course, it is very funny. But you the amount of the fine and the flowers…”

However, neither the money nor the bouquet Alika from Dmitry is not received. But the next day on the set Nagiev has found strength in front of the actress to apologize. Smekhova recognized that long forgotten about the case. Offense has blocked the joy of working together with this artist. “Dima is very hardworking, always ready, always knows the text and gushes ideas,” says Alika.

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