Алика Смехова винит себя за то, что дети растут без отца The actress does not absolve responsibility for separation from spouses. Alika Smekhova single mother of two heirs – Artem and Makar. First husband takes part in the life of his son, and the father of the younger child tends to see the boy. Actress no one expects by yourself and trying to give the offspring as much as possible.

      Алика Смехова винит себя за то, что дети растут без отца

      Popular actress Alika Smekhova raising two children – 16-year-old Artem and eight-year-old Makar. The actress doted in his sons, and therefore he tries to spend with them as much as possible. It seeks to care for Artem and Makara, as it feels fully responsible for the life and fate of the heirs. And if Artem communicates with his father, the younger son stripped of guardianship of the Pope.

      “You can’t force a man to love your child and care for him. And laws. This is my opinion, I assume that not all agree with him. Artem’s father communicates with him and involved in his life. About father Makar with his large opportunities and I have nothing to say. I find it much easier to go out and earn than to spoil his life showdown, especially in a judicial order”, – have frankly told Alik.
      Алика Смехова винит себя за то, что дети растут без отца

      For the past nine years, the actress is raising children. Despite the fact that she has to cope with all the family commitments she doesn’t blame his former deputies in the breach. Smekhova believes that in such a situation is always the responsibility rests on the man and the woman. She admits that she was extremely impatient, and perhaps unduly harsh. That is why now she has to raise children.

      “I accept this responsibility constantly. And that I raise them alone, surely there are a large proportion of my guilt… And I feel this guilt, and trying to give her sons as much as possible”, – admitted the actress in a conversation with journalists.

      Alik realizes that whatever it was strong, still there are situations when only a mother’s children are not enough. Despite the fact that it can provide sons a decent life, Smekhova is recognized that often it can be difficult emotionally.

      “Of course, I want to be a weak woman that took care of. But this does not work…once prevented the character and “I!”, and today – the daily concerns, which do not give to relax. If I remain in confusion, in confusion, in search of: “Oh, how terrible to live!” I don’t understand how to grow children, because I really have every day to give daily bread”, – said Alik in an interview with “Hello”.

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