Alicia Vikander will replace angelina Jolie in the remake of “Lara Croft — tomb raider”

Алисия Викандер заменит Анджелину Джоли в ремейке «Лара Крофт — расхитительница гробниц»

A role that once brought success Hollywood actress angelina Jolie, can make a superstar and Alicia Vikander. As it became known, the last officially involved in the casting for the role of Lara Croft in the remake of the movie 2001 tomb raider Lara Croft.

27-year-old actress already won an Oscar as Best supporting actress for her role in the film “Girl from Denmark”, and participation in the remake of a popular film can bring her even more success. In fact, it should be a prequel to the already known stories, which Vikander will play a young Lara.
By the way, the pretender to consider the role of Lara and Daisy Ridley, but the flavor of the casting still believe Alicia. Let’s wait and see.

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