Алисия Викандер о съемках интимных сцен: Все должно быть технично

Алисия Викандер о съемках интимных сцен: Все должно быть технично

Known 31-year-old actress Alicia Vikander recently gave an interview for Bazaar magazine, which told how she felt during the filming of sex scenes. In his new film “a Bird of the earthquake” she is a very passionate kisser with his colleague Naoki Kobayashi. Alicia admitted that such scenes she likes to shoot in one take.

The first sex scene in the film the actress got in 20 years. At that time, everything went smoothly and without tons of takes. To remove managed skillfully, quickly and beautifully, as it should be — according to the actress. She always tries to this process for it was pleasant and not delayed.

During her career, Wicander took part in the sex scenes a few times. It is worth mentioning that she is married with Michael Fassbender. A couple of times, you can even see Alicia in the scenes where she’s completely naked. When the actress is married, then the audience reacts very in two ways in these roles. Recent example is Kristina Asmus in recent history with the film Text.

Alicia explained how the process takes place and why it does not see in it anything shameful. The fact that all the scenes selected by the writers, every actor knows that it is desirable to remove all in one take, so as not to get anyone in trouble. It’s like a choreographed dance, just the same setting, only in bed. Of course, sometimes there are moments when you feel ashamed or not comfortable, but the actor is the audience did not notice these embarrassments. Says the actress: “we have a certain magic.”

“The earthquake bird” is an adaptation of the famous novel. The action takes place in 1989 in Tokyo, there comes the heroine Lucy (Alicia) after a quarrel with his parents and starts a new life. She works as a translator of English for a long time and moving to a new city is continuing her career. Along with her is her girlfriend, who suddenly disappears. We all know that the reason for the disappearance — the love triangle that ensued between the girls and a local photographer, but all the evidence directed against Lucy. It was her suspect in the murder of his girlfriend.

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