Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender went on a honeymoon after a private wedding

Алисия Викандер и Майкл Фассбендер отправились на медовый месяц после приватной свадьбы

A week after a private wedding in Ibiza, actor Michael Fassbender with his sweetheart, Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander went on our honeymoon to Italy. The newlyweds were spotted in the Osteria del Cappello restaurant in Bologna, and in the streets of Verona and Florence.

Алисия Викандер и Майкл Фассбендер отправились на медовый месяц после приватной свадьбы

The destination of honeymooners declassified Italian fans of the actors who were spotted at one of the restaurants of Bologna. The guys had a nice dinner, while they were approached by a group of fans. Fassbender even has a selfie on the front camera of fans, and Vikander showed a wedding ring accidental movement of the hand sitting on the other side of the table. Also the whole team working restaurant decided to take a group photo with Fassbender. Fans shared photos on his Twitter account, leaving the exact location. Also, the couple decided to walk the streets of Verona and Florenee, where they were again overtaken by the fans. Apparently the guys are having a great time and give out their autographs to local residents, who accidentally caught them on the streets.

Foreign news portal People last week declassified the wedding venue that the pair was hidden for so long. The actors tied the knot spreading on chic Finca La Granja, where invited only family and the closest friends. Invited not even informed about the venue of the celebration. They received beautiful invitations, which had a designated place in Ibiza, where they will be picked up and sent to the hotel. “Party details are kept strictly secret. The guests were just invited to come to Ibiza in a certain date, after which they must settle in to the hotel. Michael wants to arrange a big feast — will be a real party of the year,” — said the insider. After that, a couple of guests noticed on the island where they had a great time and enjoyed the Sunny weather.

Алисия Викандер и Майкл Фассбендер отправились на медовый месяц после приватной свадьбы

Recall that the pair met in 2014 for the filming of “Light in the ocean”, which was included in the program of the 73rd Venice film festival. They played characters who eventually fell in love. After filming the actors became close and started spending a lot of time together. But it was not as sweet as it seemed, because after 9 months of whirlwind romance, the couple decided to break up, but not for long. In March 2016, was awarded the prize “Oscar”, where Alicia received the award for “Best female actress” in the film “Girl from Denmark”. Fassbender was so happy for his colleague that even gave her a passionate kiss. At this moment everything became clear as to the public, and for most couples — they will long together.

“I met with Alicia at the party at the film Festival in Toronto. Before meeting her I thought, I know how to dance, but when she started to move, I realized that compared to Alicia in both of my legs — the left. The chemistry between us started,” described the actor, best known for playing magneto in “x-Men”, describes the beginning of a relationship with the beloved.

“Despite the fact that we were drawn to each other during the filming, I felt that during the love scenes there was three of us. Derek Cianfrance, the Director, was always there with his camera… Even under the bed was gone!” said Fassbender in an interview with Access Hollywood.