Алисия Викандер про «темную сторону» Голливуда

29-year-old Alicia Vikander, who plays Lara Croft in “Tomb Raider: Lara Croft”, became the heroine of the April issue of Elle magazine. In an interview for the release of the Oscar-winning actress told how she had to face the “dark side” of Hollywood.

Алисия Викандер про «темную сторону» Голливуда

“I was very lucky that I have not faced sexual harassment on the set. But I’ve been in situations where people who had power, made me feel stupid and too young, and I couldn’t buy them anything to object,” recalled the actress.

“Now I can openly talk about what’s wrong, and not afraid of losing their jobs. This fear is the main reason that you’re trying to avoid difficulties. People, in my opinion, becomes attractive when he dares to publicly Express their dissent and not afraid to show your character,” said Vikander.

In the interview the star also spoke about married life with 40-year-old actor Michael Fassbender, for the pair a rarity, because his novel they are trying to advertise. It turned out, a few links a love of dance. They first met at a party dedicated to the international film festival in Toronto, and then at the event after the awards ceremony of the BAFTA. “In our first two meetings we never talked, we only danced,” says Wicander.

Recall that in an interview for the issue of Vogue the actress also talked about life with Fassbender. “Now I feel happier than ever before. Referring to his personal life,” said Alicia.

In October last year the pair were married in secret. Vikander told Vogue that their Michael the wedding was “small and humble meeting of friends and family members”, and answered the accusations of stealth:

“It’s not stealth. We are talking about a few things that you keep secret,” said the actress.

The stars began Dating in 2014, met at the filming of “Light in the ocean” (The Light Between Oceans). About this collaboration with her future husband Vikander also remembered.

“I think he’s one of the best actors with whom I have ever worked with. Of course, his filmography is larger than mine, but when we met at the filming, he was incredibly open. He could admit that stalled, and to ask my advice… Sweet moment. Life does not consist of one work, but if you are committed & passionate, ready with pleasure to talk about him,” said the actress and added that if there will be an interesting project, you’re ready to play along with Michael.