Alice Grebenshchikova showed off a perfect figure in a swimsuit

Алиса Гребенщикова показала идеальную фигуру в купальнике
39-year-old actress looks simply stunning.

Photo: Instagram

Alice Grebenshchikova tries on every vacation to take her son to the sea. Alexei this year marks 10 years, but more than anything he loves to travel with mom. This time the actress with the heir went to India, which is now a very comfortable holiday weather.

The first evening the mother and son spent on the beach. And couldn’t resist to not to be photographed against a gorgeous sunset. Particularly successful picture of Alice in a swimsuit. Fans of the actress was delighted with her, and asked to publish as many photos in a swimsuit. Or even without.

“No, I’m not ready! says modest Grebenshchikov. — I’m almost 40!”

The anniversary of the actress will be in June, but this round it’s totally not afraid. After all, Alice does not look his age. If you do not know how old she is, she is hardly possible to give 25.

Problems with the figure of the actress was never. Extra pounds was is that during pregnancy, but in the first months after birth they “disappeared” themselves.

As for the food, from the age of Alice herself refused to junk food. She even stopped drinking coffee and tea. And the actress loves to ride a bike.

“I love to ride a bike since then, in five years, first sat on a two-wheeled bike, she says. — A long time until I lived in the city, it was impossible to do it rarely, and a few years ago I gave the bike a birthday, and since then I look forward to in the spring when the snow melts to skate at the city. Pass is usually 7-10 miles. For me Cycling is so much fun. I’m happy to ride on it and in European capitals, where well-developed system of Bicycle”.