Alice Grebenshchikova proud of sports successes of the son

Алиса Гребенщикова гордится спортивными успехами сына
The actress spoke about the most important achievement of Alexis in the past year.

Алиса Гребенщикова гордится спортивными успехами сына

Alice grebenshikova and her son Alyosha

Photo: Mark Steinbock

Alice Grebenshchikova and shared good news. One of the
the most significant achievements of the year the actress believes sporting achievements
his son Alexei. This year the boy defended orange belt in karate.

“Many of my friends sum up the sports results of the year, says
Alice. — So we too have something to say about it. Alexei is now an orange belt in
karate! Moreover, this sport son chose himself. And the other day we went to the movies,
“Santa Claus. The struggle of the magicians”, and Alyosha met before the session
the guys sitting next to. Their first question was: “And you what sport
do?” Among our acquaintances, almost all children go to sports
section. I think this is great.”

Despite employment in theatre, film and television
loving mother of every free moment to the development of their child. For example,
Alice sees no difficulty to early on Saturday morning to get in the car and go
with your child somewhere outside the city to ride horses or just
take a walk in nature.

Son Of Alice Grebenschikova Alex

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