Алиса Гребенщикова поборола вредную привычку
The actress admitted that for six months already feels like a different person.

Alice Grebenshchikova

Photo: “7 Days”

Alisa Grebenshchikova, which is always very carefully
belonged to the system of his power, spoke about what changes have occurred
in her kitchen, and how this has changed her life.

“Six months don’t drink coffee: no cups says
Alice. I can’t explain why. I must say that I never had
according to no coffee or any other food. This is now “Until I’ve had
a Cup of espresso, will not Wake up,” or “Life without chocolate is not life” is unfamiliar to me. Taste and aroma like. Aesthetically and socially coffee also has no equal. But I for some reason refused. Initially wanted to hold out for a month, as
I read that the nerves should come in order, if their caffeine not to bother. Yes
also I had a topic not to eat sugar, and coffee without sugar and without milk and quite
not my option.

By the way, also refused milk, only in cereal. And then it was stupid “to untie.” Like already several times was mentally
ready, but once was near the coffee machine, the desire was gone. Yes,
I don’t drink tea: the same six months. Literally several times in Uzbekistan
break the rules, and not in Moscow.

As I later realized, all I need is to simply to drink a lot
water. Regular plain water, they say it is useful. Most importantly, I have no change to notice. Nerves calm down when at night
phone charging in the kitchen or turned off for long periods of time. So maybe soon the same, go in a cafe overlooking the beautiful and ordered a latte”.