Aliana of Gobozov experimenting with looks

Алиана Гобозова экспериментирует с внешностью Now, the star of “House-2” is showing off a new haircut and hair color. Aliana of Gobozov admitted that for a long time did not dare to bold transformation. Fans recognized the risk of the girl justified.

      Алиана Гобозова экспериментирует с внешностью

      The star of “House-2” Aliana of Gobozov surprised his fans with a new image. Likely that with the advent of warm days the girl decided to completely transformed. Aliana dyed hair in a light tone. His new way of Gobozov hastened to share with subscribers in social networks.

      “I always like to experiment, to change your look and your mood in life! Always wanted to try blonde hair, but was always afraid that I will not go. Took a chance and I love it.Now I mother of pearl-beige Blondie. Thanks to my sorceress, which made everything very neat and beautiful. Hair alive, shiny and natural,” Aliana joy shared in his microblog.

      Fans appreciated such a bold move Golosovoy and found that the new hair color makes the girl special style. “You’re adorable, charming, seductive beauty. Good luck to you”, “Great! Black color goes out of fashion. Better natural! And long hair needs to be adequate”, “On a Hollywood star like”, “You are talking very! With this color you more gentle or what,” commented fans.

      Apparently, the transformation of Golosovoy took place in several stages. Just a week ago, she intrigued fans image from a beauty salon, a saying that is going to change. But then Aliana is only slightly changed the shade of hair and got a haircut. And now the star of “House-2” has dramatically changed.

      Recall that in late January of this year Aliana of Gobozov remarried to his former wife of Alexander. She said “StarHit” that’s the second time she went down the aisle now more consciously. In the registry office Aliana looked stunning, white lace gown sat on postroynevshy the bride flawlessly. Alexander for a special occasion choose a classic blue suit. Joyful and even a bit worried Aliana and Sasha only proved that their love is real and can survive any difficulty. “We are very happy! PAH –PAH-PAH, but we now have a full idyll and harmony in relationships! Now we are officially married and will move only forward!” – said Gobozov.

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