Aliana of Gobozov celebrated the second anniversary of the heir

Алиана Гобозова отпраздновала двухлетие наследника Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has arranged a bright holiday for your baby. This day will not be forgotten for a long time Robert: especially for him was invited to perform professional animators and colorfully decorated place, where there was a children’s party.

      Алиана Гобозова отпраздновала двухлетие наследника

      The former participant of the project “Dom-2” Aliana of Gobozov, her husband Alexander, and their friends celebrate the second anniversary of the little heir of Kim and Robert. About Aliana said in his Instagram.

      Especially in order to remember this day for a long time baby, Gobozov contacted the Agency that organises children’s parties. The space where the event took place, was decorated with lots of colorful balloons, hanging beautifully from the ceiling and garlands, ribbons, children’s toys and posters with congratulations.

      Among the guests of the celebration were friends Aliana and her husband, who brought with them their heirs. The children happily immersed in a fascinating activity, organized by professional animators. The main theme of the second birthday of the baby Golosovoy became a British animated series “Funny trains from Chaggingtona,” his first series was released in 2008.

      One of the organizers of the festival put on impressive size costume train trainee Wilson, the main character of the animated film. He had fun talking with the children and encouraged them to participate in competitions. At the command of the Wilson family Gobozova guests began to congratulate Robert on his birthday, they also brought him gifts in the form of new toys.

      Алиана Гобозова отпраздновала двухлетие наследника

      All the time, while older friends of Robert had fun and played games, he sat on his daddy’s lap, and next to them was his mother, Aliana. The fact that the heir Sobotovych as he is still too young to run with the other kids. However, the General atmosphere of happiness and joy was passed on to him. He smiled and dragged the handles to his comrades.

      Recall that Robert Gobozov was born in may 2014. The baby was born healthy, his weight was three kilograms. The parents of the child — Aliana Ustinenko and Alexander Gobozov. To marry my true love, Aliana took the name of the spouse. Wedding couples took place twice: first, they just got married in the registry office, then got divorced, and after some time decided to get back together. On this occasion, the pair staged a lavish ceremony, inviting friends, relatives and colleagues.

      According to Aliani, Robert grows very active and willful child. Maybe even come and pick up the ball from other children. But the kid’s not doing this out of malice, but due to the nature of his character. Yet Robert as of Gobozov admitted in an interview, is very sociable and loves animals.

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