Aliana Gobozova wants to forget about the past

Алиана Гобозова хочет забыть о прошлом
A couple of weeks ago fans of the home electroni the country was shocked by the news about the divorce of the spouses Alexander and Aliana Gobozova.

Алиана Гобозова хочет забыть о прошлом

According to the couple, they are too different, so I can’t get along together. Aliana recently admitted that he was going to get rid of the tattoos that remind her of her past.

“You know, I decided to remove all tattoos from his body. Why? Short answer: religious and aesthetic concepts. In my youth I made them and thought it was cool and beautiful. Now I don’t think so, – has shared with followers the girl.

Note that after a breakup Aliana together with his son moved to his father. But Alexander tries to devote to his son as much as possible, Aliana not against these meetings.

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