Aliana Gobozova: “Son before bed he says he loves a woman Light”

Алиана Гобозова: «Сын перед сном говорит, что любит бабу Свету»	The former participant “Houses-2” wants Robert did not forget her mother. Aliana Gobozova told me what a wonderful, sweet and kind boy grows her heir. A young woman confessed that teaches two-year kid to pray for and remember deceased grandmother.

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2”, and today one of the leading this project Gobozova Aliana is experiencing the most difficult days. In mid-October a young woman lost her mother – Svetlana Ustinenko died from brain cancer.

      The star of “House-2” admitted that helping her cope with the terrible grief son. Thoughts on two year old baby Robert, that she desired her child, made Aliana back to life. Aliana Gobozova about losing mom: “How come back to life – I don’t know”

      To recover after the tragedy, she paused and spoke with fans in social networks. But not so long ago Aliana Gobozova entered into a dialogue with your subscribers and responding to their request, spoke about how growing her son Robert. Aliana has published a nice video made during a photo shoot in which she took the part with the baby.

      “That he’s a dwarf. Chatterbox, of course. Already such proposals is complex, and speech-what are smart pushes, “you Know mom, you don’t do that. Should like me, learn from me!” – posted by Aliana.

      The young woman also added that in the near future, Robert will go to kindergarten. She was sure that the son adapts very quickly, because it grows very sociable boy.

      And Aliana told that they to Robert every night, I recall his grandmother Light.

      “My baby is very kind, gentle, affectionate. Always says he loves, and hugs very much. And at night, always says, “a Woman of Light, I love you.” And teach him to pray with me, in your own words while trying, but it turns out”.

      Post Aliana was very touched by her subscribers. “Yes, a child’s prayer is strong!”, “Aliana, you’re clever, you grow a wonderful son! Be healthy and happy!”, “Synulechka wonderful you, wonderful you! Hold on, you are very good! Mommy’s always with you spiritually now. And we are also with you!” – support Aliano Gobozova her fans.

      Recall that the mother Aliani Svetlana tried for two years to overcome cancer. She underwent several courses of chemotherapy and had several operations. Ustinenko was determined and really wanted to get better. Even in the summer a woman tried to improve his status in the town of Gil-su, located in Kabardino-Balkaria, where flowing springs. However, no funds have helped to save Svetlana Mikhailovna. Svetlana Ustinenko: cancer part daughter and fading hope