Aliana Gobozova delighted with the thoughts of Dmitry Shepelev

Алиана Гобозова восхищена мыслями Дмитрия Шепелева
A few months ago, the ex-participant of TV project “Dom-2” Aliana Gobozova experienced a terrible tragedy.

Алиана Гобозова восхищена мыслями Дмитрия Шепелева

From brain cancer died her mother, Svetlana Ustinenko.

Aliana still can’t recover from heavy losses and with no one to discuss this topic. But Gobozova admits recently read a book by Dmitry Shepelev “Joan”, where he talks about how he went through a period of struggle with the terrible illness of a loved one.

Алиана Гобозова восхищена мыслями Дмитрия Шепелева

“Reading phrase by phrase, Chapter by Chapter, I was so devastated mentally… if I was back in that terrible time, in those two years of helpless struggle. I feel like this is written in the book. In every line I learned myself. How hurt and lonely. It was scary and unbearable. Yes, for me it is a sore subject for me is trauma for life, and still unhealed wound. Every person who fought, are fighting or helping to fight a close with a terrible disease, in the book finds himself…” says Aliana.

According to girls, this book will be interesting reading for those who are not faced with this diagnosis, so it is possible people will be more tolerant of others.

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