Aliana Gobozova broke up with her husband because of problems in bed

Алиана Гобозова рассталась с мужем из-за проблем в постели As admitted by a young woman, they stopped sleeping together. Some time ago, Aliana went with my husband, because between them has burnt out. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” in detail told about the problems in the family.
Алиана Гобозова рассталась с мужем из-за проблем в постели

In June Aliana Gobozova informed fans that her marriage broke up. Recently, former members of “House-2” divorced. As admitted by a young woman, she was too busy to deal with this issue, so she entrusted the case to the lawyer.

Many fans of the couple were wondering what happened between them. Alexander explained that the cause of the separation was incompatibility, however, in the opinion of the fans, it sounded implausible. Aliana decided to openly talk about the last months of life together with a man. The young woman turned to religion after the death of his mother, Svetlana Ustinenko. Relative model died last summer from cancer. Aliana started going to Church, and the communion even took with him his son Robert. Besides, she rejected some of the temptations that lead to sin. Alexander could not understand this way of life. According to Golosovoy, then she began to understand that lost interest in spouse. Aliana Gobozova about losing mom: “How come back to life – I don’t know”

“Sasha did not show bright feelings: there was still affectionate words, emotions, and then I ceased to see him as a man, I have no passion. We live as neighbors, even went to different rooms, not slept in the same bed,” – shared the star of telestroke.
Алиана Гобозова рассталась с мужем из-за проблем в постели

Because the couple had a business together, they often had to deal with work issues at home. According to young women, there is a possibility that life has ruined their relationship. When Aliana could no longer tolerate the situation, she decided to talk with her husband. Alexander Gobozov about divorcing Allianoi: “I left her business and a car”

Алиана Гобозова рассталась с мужем из-за проблем в постели“Looking in the eye, admitted that they no longer love each other. Surprisingly, we did not cry, as usual, didn’t argue, and talked like kindred spirits: I told how I see my future, he is his own. Then it became clear that happiness can only be separately,” said Gobozov.

According to star of the TV show, they agreed with my husband that he will make her “mentor” in their network business. Thus, Aliana will get much more profit than himself. That is why the woman refused to submit to court for child support.

“If the former wants us to financially support it, I’m. Although I have enough money and themselves, and to the son, even family help. But the apartment was always mine, and get it to Robert”, – said the ex-contestant of the show in an interview with “House-2”.

Aliana believes that it will be able again to meet a life partner. According to the specialist on network marketing, after parting with her husband she had many admirers, but none of them was able to make an impression.