Aliana commented on the divorce with Obozavam

Алиана прокомментировала развод с Александром Гобозовым
For some time now, the Internet fans are actively discussing the relations between the spouses Alexander and Aliana Gobozova.

Алиана прокомментировала развод с Александром Гобозовым

Fans believe that young people are dispersed and no longer live together.

For a long time, this information spouses was not commented on, but Aliana decided to clarify.

“We are no longer together, we split up by mutual consent. We realized that we absolutely different people, with different perceptions of life, goals, values, etc. we each Have our own way, own life and their future. We normally communicate, all questions between themselves decided. Robert is not deprived of anyone’s attention, he has a mom and dad,” said the girl in Instagram.

According to some information, Alexander has a new girlfriend, but he tries his best not to advertise it.

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