Alfred Hitchcock was accused of harassment on the set of “the Birds” and “Marnie”

Альфреда Хичкока обвинили в домогательства на съемках «Птиц» и «Марни»

The Creator of the horror genre, Alfred Hitchcock even though he was a master of his craft, expert on the set, some weakness he still was inherent. The testimony of the American actress Tippi Herden show us filmmaker on the other side. In his memoirs, the actress says that he repeatedly harassed her and other men working with her on the court, he forbade to pay her any attention.

Says Tippi Herden, Alfred Hitchcock also followed her and ordered the driver to periodically pass her house. In the memoirs she also described the incident of the attempted kiss, which Alfred Hitchcock made in the back seat of his limo.

In the film “Marnie” Hitchcock moved the border and even built a secret door that connected his dressing room actress with his office. According to Tippy, Alfred allowed himself to dismiss his hands, but she was forced to remain silent, as in 60-e years, the scandal over sexual harassment and harassment could not be raised because of the unspoken ban on publicity of such incidents