Алексея Зайцева заподозрили в неверности Алие Мустафиной News about the separation of athletes was pretty surprised by their fans. In April, Aliya Mustafina stunned the public with news about the dissolution of a marriage with Alexei Zaitsev. As it turned out, the father of the gymnast was against her divorce, but she refused to start again.
Алексея Зайцева заподозрили в неверности Алие Мустафиной

This spring, the 23-year-old gymnast Aliya Mustafina divorced 24-year-old bobsledder Alexey Zaitsev. About parting with the husband she said on social networks. “Causes as such, no, just ex-husband was not my man. Claims we don’t have each other. Love Alice and Alex are very grateful for our daughter” – shared the young woman in the microblog.

According to some, Mustafina upset infidelity second half. As it became known to journalists, Zaitsev was allegedly passing fad. On hearing this, Aliya decided to file for divorce. Alexei himself has not commented on the data, which received wide publicity, and Mustafina is unlikely to speak on this subject. In your resonant post young woman made it clear he was not going to talk about the relationship with her ex-husband.

Алексея Зайцева заподозрили в неверности Алие Мустафиной

Now Mustafina is busy with something else. The sports star is preparing for the Cup of Russia, strenuously exercising in Penza. In the same way, is her ex-boyfriend Pavel Pavlov. So the gymnast has all the chances to try to get back together with Aliya. Correspondents note that Pavlov still can not forget her.

Reporters also contacted the father of two-time champion of the Olympic games by Farhat by Mustafina. The famous Greco-Roman wrestler said he did not know the reasons for the separation of aliyah and Alexis.

“And, both wasting time. They are all immortal, they could take on the world! But still with character. Aliya says that her love is gone,” shared the father of gymnasts.

According to Farhat Akhatovich, hares – “a normal guy with ambition.” Parent aliyah believes that Alex is behaving age-appropriate and not able to keep a distance. For example, he could easily reassuring Pat father-in-law on the shoulder. “Familiarity is the bonhomie. He does it without a second thought. But in General he’s a good young man,” said Mustafin.

The father of alia was against her divorce. According to him, young people do not live together for six months. Aliyah’s parents have arranged a family meeting to discuss their future. According to Mustafina, Zaitsev asked her to return, but she did not listen.

“I sat with the whole family – me, my wife Elena and the two of them. Thought to be. Well, what is it – baby wailed and fled?! Lyosha wanted to keep the family together. But alia did not yield in any. I have stubborn, always on his worth. Apparently, he did something to offend,” – said the Pope Aliya Mustafina “Express newspaper”.