Alexey Yanin spoke up after a long coma

Алексей Янин заговорил после длительной комы Actor on the road to recovery. Alexey Yanin fell unconscious after suffering a stroke in may 2015. The artist’s fans are very happy that the man finally came to his senses and began to pronounce some words.

      Алексей Янин заговорил после длительной комы

      Since may last year, fans of the famous actor Alexei Janina worried for his life. After a stroke a man in a coma. For fifteen years the actor was unconscious. The fate of the artist, known for his roles in the TV series “Club”, “mothers and Daughters” and many others, saw many concerned. His wife Darya klyuchnikova, which is remembered by the audience participation in the musical project “Factory of stars-5”, created a group in the social network, which quickly reports the status of her husband. Recently Alexey’s mother Olga told that actor came to himself and even started to talk.

      “We are starting to talk. Alex well done. He immediately began to speak words, not individual sounds. In his dictionary: “it Hurts, taller, faster, sweetheart, mom, dad, Dasha, Alex, Janine, Andrew, son, Yes, no, leg, head, drink, and so on. Generally will soon be talking! Waiting for some friends,” wrote the mother of Ioannina.

      This news could not fail to please fans. “May God give you strength and patience for a full recovery! Leh, only forward! We are all with you!”, “Alex, speedy recovery. Patience to you, Alex, and all family and friends! When the whole family together, all must be well, and together we will overcome difficulties! Always ready to help!”, “Patience and strength! Alex and perseverance!” – posted by subscribers.

      A noticeable improvement in the health of Ioannina occurred after a recent surgery. After surgery, the condition of the men improved, and the rehabilitation period has passed safely. Janine is now recovering at home, among friends and relatives. Daria told that the memory of her husband all right, and now he recalls many events from his life.

      One of the reasons for failing health of the famous actor Daria called from its excessive workload. According to his wife, Janine managed to combine shooting films with rehearsals in the theater. Also the artist could be up to 20 flights per month. Daria had admitted that her husband had put their whole soul and their projects, worked with full dedication, but because of time to rest, he had very little. All this could not but affect the men.

      The family lapsed into a coma actor Alexei Yanina will fight to the last

      Fans of Ioannina throughout this time has provided support to the relatives of the actor. They believed in his speedy recovery and constantly encouraged the family of Ioannina.