Алексей Янин возвращается к привычной жизни после комы The actor has learned to feed himself. Alexey Yanin is gradually recovering after a stroke, which fell into a coma. For several years, the relatives of the artist fighting for his health, and share successes of rehabilitation.
Алексей Янин возвращается к привычной жизни после комы

In the spring of 2015 star of the TV series “Club” Alexey Yanin suffered a stroke and then fell into a coma. Relatives and friends of the actor did everything possible to save him. Their efforts were not in vain – gradually, the treatment has borne fruit, and the artist has regained consciousness. However, only two years later he was able to speak. Every even the slightest success gives relatives hope that soon Alex will be able to return to normal life.

The mother of the actor shared with fans visible progress in his rehabilitation.

“We better talk to Alex he drinks from a Cup, he eats with a spoon (before he was fed through a gastrostomy tube), he brushes his teeth and combs his hair. Alesha works well with the right hand. He sits with minimal support. Standing on the standing frame is flipped, making a small bridge. And generally it is much quicker and faster in reactions. Alesha preserved intelligence and memory. He can be very interesting. In General, we are slowly but surely going forward,” said Olga Janina.
Алексей Янин возвращается к привычной жизни после комы

March 14, Alexei was the anniversary – 35th anniversary. All fans and colleagues wished the actor only more likely to improve their health. Relatives do not give up and continue to work to Janine again gained the basic skills. “Alex is now in rehab – said the mother. – He has the whole day guests, greetings, gifts and flowers. It is a pity that we are not at home, but it happened.”

Happy birthday Alexei congratulated his colleague Nastya Zadorozhnaya. Together they played a loving couple in the youth series “Club”. The girl promised that soon will come to visit Ioannina.

Alexei has a wife, member of the fifth season of “American idol” Darya klyuchnikova. Now it brings up their total six-year-old son Andrew. The wife assumed that the stroke her husband happened due to heavy workloads at work. According to her, he did not spare himself – played in the theater and starred in the movie, was constantly flying to different cities. Mother Janina was told that the son wants to get well soon and get back on stage. Alexei’s mother Janina after a stroke and coma son: “He called me and I cried”

Relatives grateful to the fans who are truly worried about his health. “Soon we will learn to get up. That we have success and your merit. Thanks for your help and support. For us it is very important,” – is not tired to repeat Olga.