Alexey Vorobyov will be a father

Алексей Воробьев станет отцом The actor said that his fiancee is expecting a child. Alexei Vorobyov told his fans that he intends to say goodbye to his bachelor life. Subscribers guessing, joking or if the actor was telling the truth.

      Popular musician and filmmaker, participant of TV show “the Bachelor” Alexei Vorobyov made an unexpected recognition. He finally decided to end my lonely life and ready to start a family. Moreover, soon he and his lover have a baby. He said this to his fans in the microblog.

      “Today the first of April and many probably won’t believe in what I say. I want to apologize to the channel TNT and the project “the Bachelor”. The fact that the girl with whom I stayed, got pregnant and I’m getting married. Just wanted to let you know from me and not from the news,” – said Vorobyov.

      This statement Alexey has collected a huge number of comments. Between the fans started a fierce debate – many took it as a joke, but others thought that the actor wouldn’t joke on such a serious subject. “Alex, why so sad? Children – this is happiness! The wedding is fun. And here it is direct such a disorder on the person, If it’s still a joke, let me know about it because the news told you, will make a great stir in the minds of your subscribers,” commented fans.

      Video published by Alexey Vorobyov (@mr.alexsparrow) APR 1 2016, 4:21 PDT

      Recall that the show “the Bachelor” Alex perceived as entertainment, but as part of their real lives. He says that he agreed to participate only in order to really find love. Besides, he did not hide, that at first sight knew one of the contenders for his heart he will choose.

      “I immediately saw one of the girls that will stand in front of me in a wedding dress in the final project. From the first second knew that this would be it. I don’t have to guide her or something to tell her,” said Vorobyov.

      Now the whole country with a sinking heart watching the project “the Bachelor”. Each character the show is trying to make a lasting impression Vorobyov and fighting for his attention. For its part, the bachelor wants to learn more about each of the girls, not to be mistaken with a choice. He repeatedly violated the rules and the scenario of the show precisely because he came to the project for the sake of finding true love.

      Alexei Vorobyov made a major scandal on the set of “the Bachelor”. VIDEO

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