Алексей Воробьев стал американским «холостяком» The artist was invited to the American project. Alexei Vorobyov auditioned on Skype and now full swing preparing for the filming process. The famous actor said “StarHit” how accepted the offer of the producers and what he is worth.
Алексей Воробьев стал американским «холостяком»

In the States, finished shooting the third season of the American series Unreal. The action is still unfolding on the set around the fictional reality show Everlasting. The participants have ten men this season came to compete for the heart of the charming stranger. Viewers will see for the rating of the show is ruthless editors, Directors, and producers manipulate the heroes, force them to intrigue, scandals and fights. One of the main roles of the series was played by the Russian actor Alexei Vorobyov.

Алексей Воробьев стал американским «холостяком»“My hero is a star of world ballet, – said the “StarHit” artist. – In the story he was expelled for “bad behavior” of the Metropolitan theater in new York, and the woman broke his heart, having gone to another. It’s not broken. On the show he came back to “star clip”, to return the location of the audience, and to build a relationship with the heroine, a beautiful blonde, played by actress Cassandra, Clementi. My character is the most complex and unpredictable character of this season. To play such a difficult character in the popular American project – a real success for a foreign actor.”
Алексей Воробьев стал американским «холостяком»

The coveted role he received remotely: the film’s Director chose him out of hundreds of applicants. “Your videoproby for the show I took pictures and sent at the last moment, – continues sparrows. I recorded late at night after the filming of the TV show “Schubert”. I played along in the scenes our artist of makeup, well speaking English. The next day I received an email from my American agent. It said that samples like the creators of the series, and they want to talk to me on Skype. At the specified time we phoned, discussed the role with the Director and producers of the show, and they called me in Los Angeles, the final samples have with a future partner. I had to explain that, unfortunately, can’t come, because a month doing the Russian project.. I was sure that after such a response, chances are no more, and the producers immediately will say goodbye to me. But I was wrong. The next day they sent me a contract!”

Алексей Воробьев стал американским «холостяком»

For the role of Alex for a couple of weeks lost seven pounds. “In the script I have many dance scenes, as in ballet there are no bullies! laughs the actor. – Every episode my character is different, his emotional state is impossible to predict. He is absolutely cold-blooded, experiencing fits of rage. This is a man with incredible inner drama, which is in the final stage of self-destruction. Almost everything that happens to him, I was playing, having no personal experience on which to draw. After all, a large part of what makes my hero, I never did and never worried. It was an incredible emotional labor to play such a character! And even in a foreign language. But such a role – a real gift for any artist!”

The producers are confident that the sparrows are perfectly embodied the image.

“We risked a lot by inviting artist from the other end of the world, says “StarHit” Stacy Rukeyser, producer Unreal. But Alex surpassed all our expectations! He’s incredibly talented, charismatic, sexy and deep artist.”