Алексей Воробьев стал американским «холостяком» и похудел на 7 кг

Russian singer and actor Alexei Vorobyov, who most of the time abroad, invited a new American draft. The actor was offered to play the role of the bachelor in the series Unreal. Sample Alex went on Skype and loved the producers and crew. Now sparrows preparing to shoot and, most likely, he will have some time to move to America.

Alexey Vorobyov will play a major role in the popular telenovela Unreal. The action of the series revolves around a fictional reality show Everlasting. The idea of the Director, members of Everlasting be ten men who will fight for the heart of the charming main character. In the film, viewers will discover the secrets of a reality show, shows how you can easily manipulate people, and that men are ready to “light up”. The participants of the show to raise the rating will begin to intrigue, scandals and fights. Hero Alexey Vorobyov will be at the center of these events, he will have to defend their opinion and not to lose face.
According to the actor, his character is very complex and unpredictable. In the story, the sparrows will play the star of world ballet, who was expelled from the Metropolitan theater in new York for improper conduct. Then he went on to another girl, and he is left with nothing. Despite such vicissitudes, the star of the ballet goes forward and decides to return to his former life. To do this he must “appear” in any project. Catches the eye of casting Everlasting. There hero is going to regain its former glory, the location of the audience and build a relationship with a girl in the TV series was played by actress Cassandra, Clementi. Alexei Vorobyov said that it is a success to play such a character and a real success for the Russian artist.
The actor was interviewed via Skype. He also recorded a promo piece to submit it to the judgment of the American producers. Vorobyov was selected for the role through the day. Alex was worried about that to begin shooting, he could only a month later, as involved in another project. However, representatives of the series is not confused, and they sent the actor a contract.
For the role of the ballet stars Alexei Vorobyov had for a couple of weeks to lose 7 pounds. According to the actor, in the series he has a lot of dance scenes where you have to show plasticity, but not pumped body.
We will remind, last year Alexey Vorobyov participated in Russian reality show “the Bachelor.” For his heart is fought 25 beautiful girls, but none of them won the bachelor. At the end of the TV show Alex has left himself an engagement ring.