Alexey Vorobyov was intrigued by the intimate lover

Алексей Воробьев заинтриговал интимным снимком возлюбленной The musician showed photos of girls in underwear. The picture shows the alleged fiancee Alexei Vorobyov feeds his dog Elvis. The singer’s fans disliked this frame.

      Singer and actor Alexei Vorobyov kept secret from the many fans details his personal life. After participating in the project “the Bachelor”, the final of which he never chose a bride, the artist chose not to build a new relationship, and be totally immersed in the work. Fans for a long time been concerned with the question with whom are found the sparrows, since they did not believe that the heart of such a charming and charismatic young man can be free. The night before Alex was intrigued by its users, laying out the black-and-white photograph of a girl in lingerie.

      You can see the outlines of a beautiful female body in black bra. Alleged beloved Vorobyov feeds his beloved dog Elvis-Melvis. “While I’m working, the two in the kitchen indulge in sweets,” signed by the artist frame by adding the hashtag #happiness.

      Fans of Alex were happy for him, since he’s no longer alone. “I’m so glad to finally have it in your home happiness, may it linger forever!”, “Congratulations! Really!”, “And in the empty walls appeared comfort and warmth!”, “Schemer”, “good for You. Happiness to you, Alex. Take care of each other,” wrote the followers Vorobiev.

      A number of subscribers have suggested that the mysterious stranger can be Jan Anosov or Natalia Garaganova who participated in the Bachelor. Alexei Vorobyov told about the intimacy with the finalists of “the Bachelor”

      The artist has long searched for his one, as a very philosophical approach to choosing girls. He was not interested in women who could not show his feelings. “Understand, love is not “Eurovision”, and I’m not Dima Bilan. To try twice in anything but love – you either fall or achieve gradually. You can not change or modify the senses, you cannot adjust it to their needs. Make love not work, no one ever” – said the singer to journalists at the premiere of the picture “stand Up and fight”.

      By the way, just a few days ago Alexey Vorobyov released a new video for “Most beautiful”, who loved his fans. Partner in the video was the actress Polina Maksimova. Juicy humorous video started a whole mini-series, over other issues of which work colleagues.