Alexey Vorobyov was caught in the arms of a voluptuous brunette

Алексея Воробьева застукали в объятиях фигуристой брюнетки Fans of the famous musician, actor and Director believe that he is resting in Dubai with his new obsession. Social media users are confident that the choice of Alexey Vorobyov became beauty, which leads microblogging, under the name of Kira Mayer.
Алексея Воробьева застукали в объятиях фигуристой брюнетки

Renowned musician, actor and Director Alexey Vorobiev is on vacation in Dubai. He was staying in a luxury hotel and regularly pleases its fans with new photos made in another country. Fans of Alex admire his amazing abs and I wish the artist to gain strength before the intense working life.

“Real happiness is found by those who have learned to enjoy the little things” — wrote the sparrows in your microblog.

Recently in social networks appeared pictures, which, according to Internet users, captured the well-known musician, who allegedly hugging curvaceous brunette with model looks. In the picture it is difficult to see the faces of young people, but some fans celebrities have decided that the shot hit it.

Users of social networks conducted its own investigation and found out that the alleged lover of Alexei Vorobyov leads microblogging, under the name of Kira Mayer. According to some, it is only the alias beauty, and in fact, her alleged name is Dasha Tsvetkova. However, this is not known, so the fans of Alex we can only guess about his possible new romance.

Алексея Воробьева застукали в объятиях фигуристой брюнетки

Just a few days ago Alex impressed the public, posting a photo where he is resting in the company of curvaceous girls. “The fifth day” — with these words the artist has signed the picture, which shows outstanding form fatal beauty, intrigued by musician. It is likely that along with the star captures that same Kira Mayer, but the sexy brunette and the famous musician has not commented on speculation of users of social networks.

Alexey Vorobev has shared the spicy girl

Алексея Воробьева застукали в объятиях фигуристой брюнетки

By the way, abroad holidays in may also had TV presenter Olga Buzova. She went to the Greek city of Thessaloniki, where plenty sunbathed and lit in local clubs. Company Olga made up her close friend. While on vacation, a celebrity could not leave without attention the publication Vorobyov. “Lech, well, already two years trying to find out from you what it’s for filter press imposes. Let’s go,” he joked Buzova. Counterpart known Brunei appreciated her humor and assured that he will reveal his secret. “Only if you promise that no one else”, — said the musician. Followers stars appreciated this correspondence “likes” and laughed along with them. Fans are wondering who Olga Buzova dedicated photo in bikini