Alexey Vorobyov has rehearsed the wedding

Алексей Воробьев отрепетировал свадьбу

The singer never ceases to amaze fans of this popular show.

Alexei Vorobyov became one of the most obstinate “Singles” for the whole project. He asked two roses, not being able to choose one girl. It is reported that leaves the project because they suddenly became a father (read here)...

Further – more. Today it became known that the star of the bachelor have already rehearsed the wedding!

Unusual was the fifth series of the Bachelor. The artist has collected five girls together to give them a photo shoot “Sketches of family life”. Each of the participants received their role: Jan Vereskova in sexy negligee watered Alexey Vorobyov hot coffee in bed, Natalia Tkalina portrayed the perfect wife and mother, Maria showed how a woman should behave, which have changed, and Lilia Kotsur proved that even in a ridiculous homemade pajamas and with a MOP in hand, you can look seductive.

But most of all lucky Natalia Gorohovoj. She got the role of the bride. And dream girl, though pretend has come true: she stood with Alexey Vorobyov at the altar and experienced like actually getting married.

The “rehearsal” wedding, and the truth, will prove to be prophetic. And bachelor will opt for it.

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