Alexey Vorobyov along with your pet dressed luxury Christmas tree

Алексей Воробьев вместе с питомцем нарядил роскошную елку Elvis-Melvis helped the owner to prepare the home for the holidays. The artist said “StarHit” why in normal life can not do without the dog, why he lied to airport staff and what the victims went for our photo shoot.

      Алексей Воробьев вместе с питомцем нарядил роскошную елку

      Dog breed Welsh Corgi Alexey Vorobyov gave Katherine von Gechmen-Waldeck birthday seven years ago. According to the actor, the dog named Elvis-Melvis was created in order “to collect the admiration of all mankind.” There is no one who wouldn’t want to hug him and scratch behind the ear. He reciprocates – lies on her side and happily substitutes the belly awaiting the caresses.

      “Elvis came into my life right after New year, because from childhood accustomed to the Christmas tree and the toys, – says Alexey. It was the week before my birthday, and I have 19 of January, my friends and I were sitting in a cafe. Except for me were all couples and believe that it’s love forever… Looking at them, I felt lonely and sad joked that I need to get or woman, or dog. Someone gave it to Katherine, and 19th, she gave me a wonderful puppy with the words: “Here’s a dog, well a girl will have to understand yourself!”

      Katerina with her husband in their Austrian castle several corgis, so the choice fell on this ancient breed of small dogs. And he was Elvis: Katerina knew that otherwise I can not say. However, sometimes he is a Deer – if you do not listen. And in a tender moment – “small eared happiness.” Elvis my best friend, intelligent, charismatic dog and despite the short legs, very smart. Ushataet any singing and moving toy! A lot of snowmen went in the trash.”

      Elvis with a couple of host has starred in movies and on television and took part in many photo shoots. The dog has her own wardrobe: a few butterflies on the red carpet and glasses! For our shooting Elvis bummed scarf and hat of Santa Claus.

      Алексей Воробьев вместе с питомцем нарядил роскошную елку

      “But it’s just for you, – laughs Alexey. – I usually don’t wear. He’s got a good coat, winter is not terrible. However, when our weather after each winter walks need to wipe the belly. He’s a lowrider! Once in America we al went for a coffee, suddenly the black man stopped and happily pointing at him: “Lowrider!” Translation – the car with a low waist. Al and almost don’t leave, I’m never without it travel. If he does fly, he’s sitting next to a Royal in business class.

      And after the accident that I was in Los Angeles in 2013, my dog was a Service dog passport. He is an official guide dog. Once forgotten this document at home, and just like an animal heavier than 8 kg in the cabin is not planted. I stand and realize that without him will not fly. Had to go to the trick. With trembling lip and began to fall to the side, showing off how bad I feel! The girl behind the reception Desk came to me: “Maybe you need some water?” I grabbed Elvis’s suffering – I can say, without a guide… that’s how we got started. Soon we al will have another flight. In the New year I will work, then I will note the birthday in Moscow and immediately went to the shooting in Los Angeles”.