Alexey Vorobyev promises to his future wife a life of luxury

Алексей Воробьев обещает будущей жене роскошную жизнь Protagonist of the show “the Bachelor” is configured well to support his family. Alexei Vorobyov does not like to throw words to the wind. He claims that he is ready to save the chosen one from financial troubles, but on one condition.

      Алексей Воробьев обещает будущей жене роскошную жизнь

      On channel TNT in the middle of the fourth season of the show “the Bachelor.” The main character of the programme is 28-year-old actor and Director, a favorite of the girls, Alexei Vorobyov. Unlike most stars of the stronger sex, who use the status of free men as the PR, the artist does not hide that wants to find true love. In order to arrange his personal life, Alex is ready to go at all. Participation in the popular show given it is not easy – you have to make difficult choices between participants, each of which has a dazzling beauty and a host of other advantages. Sparrows in one sure exactly – his mistress, he will provide a luxurious life. However, with one condition…

      “To get a woman to abandon a career and stay at home is impossible – I tried. She has to come to that decision, to agree to live in the future of his men and their children. But if she goes on this, her life with me will be secured and, most importantly, happy. This I promise you” – says the artist.

      Viewers of “the Bachelor” have heated debates, and even make bets, trying to guess, can you give Alex his preference to any of the heroines project. Many have expressed concern and do not suffer the same fate as the previous Vorobyov “singles”, which was never able to build love within the show. Meanwhile, Alex is quite serious. As it turned out, he even does not exclude that will make the proposal of marriage the girl will love.

      “If I’m at the end of the program say one of the women that you love her and wanna be with her my whole life, I’m getting married. And we’ll live together till death do us part, how pompous it may sound. If only out of a spirit of contradiction will live. Because I’m tired to see how lightly people treat the promises they give. Five years ago I was one of them. But in every man’s life there comes a moment when he is ready to take responsibility. For a woman, which nearby. For the words that he speaks”, – said Alexey in an interview with “Telenedelya”.

      Recall that the first of April in a press there was an information that the fiancee Vorobyov allegedly pregnant. The show “the Bachelor” is in the record, so theoretically it’s possible that Alex has already managed to realize their dreams of a family life in reality. But as you know, in the beginning of April fools ‘ Day is celebrated, therefore this information is most likely a joke.

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