Alexey Vorobev has shared the truth about the consequences of the accident

Алексей Воробьев поделился правдой о последствиях аварии  In recognition of the actor, his brain half-dead. Alexei Vorobyov said that after the massive stroke he suffered from headaches. In 2013, the artist was in a car accident in Los Angeles.

      Алексей Воробьев поделился правдой о последствиях аварии

      In 2013 with the famous Russian singer and actor has had an accident. Alexei Vorobyov was in a car accident in Los Angeles, after which he miraculously survived. The consequences of this incident make themselves known until now. Moreover, extensive traumatic stroke, which happened at the Alex after the accident, forced the singer to literally re-learn to walk and eat. Now by completely unnoticed that Vorobyov was such a difficult period in life. However, his health problems do not stop.

      The mother of Alexei Vorobyov told the truth about his condition

      Earlier it was reported that the artist has damaged part of the brain. According to press reports, suffered 25 to 30 per cent vital organ. However, now the sparrows calls all other figures. The actor and singer says, died half a brain.

      “I was doing MRI every year and drink products daily. It happens every few months is very bad, sometimes head aches. It is clear, I have after a massive stroke half, that is, 50 percent of brain-dead”, – says Alexey.

      It is interesting that now in the midst of a new season of the show “the Bachelor,” in which sparrows trying to find a soul mate. For his fighting heart of beautiful and motivated women, many of whom have had difficult lives. Alex treats all equally respectful and has not shown obvious preference. However, few people know through what difficulties the star has to undergo to emit to the audience pleasure and joy.

      “Naturally, I have a headache, it reacts to everything that happens with the weather, and sometimes I just become very bad, so that I want to fall but I hold on,” he said in an interview to “Life”.

      We will remind, the information that Alex was in a car accident in Los Angeles, where he recorded his new album, appeared on 23 Jan 2013. The artist was taken to the emergency room in serious condition. There the doctors determined that there was a hemorrhage in the brain. After the sparrows woke up, it turned out that he was partially palizban.

      “Alexei affected right lobe of the brain, which is responsible including for music, art, creative things. commented at that stage producer Ekaterina Vorobyeva, Gechmen-Waldeck. – Everyone who even slightly knows the Alex realize that for him there is no life without work. Alex is awake but we he, of course, not saying that nobody can predict whether he will be able to sing.”

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