Алексей Воробьев поделился пикантным снимком с девушкой The singer intrigued fans with a photo with guests. Alexei Vorobyov decided to lift the veil of secrecy over his personal life. In Instagram of a young man appeared the picture, which he captured in the company tanned ladies.
Алексей Воробьев поделился пикантным снимком с девушкой

Recently, the popular actor and eligible bachelor Alexey Vorobyov prefers not to disclose Podrobnosti relations with the female sex. Rarely shares any intimate details. This became particularly evident after the sad story of parting with a former lover. Then the man plunged into the work and creative activities, leaving no room for new feelings.

Recently, however, the famous bachelor is a growing concern for users of the social network unequivocally publications. So, on the eve of the singer pleased fans with photos from my vacation in Dubai. The picture shows a young man resting in the company of curvaceous girls. “Day five,” simply signed by the author. Unfortunately, the faces of the companions of the actor are not visible, but clearly visible sheen in the eyes of the most handsome.

Apparently, wanting to protect themselves from guesswork followers, Alex posted a racy shot just under storis “Instagram”. So curious fans of the stars didn’t have the opportunity to discuss the publication and the personal life of the pet. However, members certainly welcome such a gesture, because of holidays in warmer climes celebrity practically does not communicate with them in your account and not sharing interesting stories.

“I’m the last days little spread because they just want to finally rest from the phone, people, communication and to gain strength. It’s my first complete rest for a few years when I don’t need in parallel to give a concert, to end someone’s or your own video, clip, write a song or script and so on. But you guys know that I’m fine, and soon I’ll come back all tanned and full of energy,” – said Vorobyov.

Fans of the star happy for the idol, and immediately left hundreds of comments. They wished enviable groom of exciting adventures and vivid impressions. And most importantly, the followers of the artist expressed the hope that he will return home inspired for new achievements.

“Class, Lyosha! Burn there! Don’t think about everyday life!”, “What are you tanned and beautiful. Difficult not to fall in love. Probably at the beach end of Babes there is!”, “Alex, well, a little photo story! It is interesting because”, “that’s Right, honey, no cell phones on vacation! Only the sea, fruits and the sun!” “Good stay – the best Muse! Come and surprise us with amazing projects,” wrote the loyal admirers of the stars.