Alexey Uchitel has confirmed the paternity of the children of Yulia Peresild

Алексей Учитель подтвердил отцовство детей Юлии Пересильд Director ceased to hide his relationship with the actress. On Saturday in the program of NTV “Once” Alexey Uchitel for the first time will cover the topic of privacy and tells you about the daughters of Yulia Peresild. Besides, the man will speak out about the scandal around the “Matilda”.
Алексей Учитель подтвердил отцовство детей Юлии Пересильд

Director Alexei Uchitel does not belong to the number of people who are eager to share details of his personal life. Recently, the actress Yulia Peresild first talked about the relationship with the famous artist. To curb the spread of rumors about her alleged many fans, the woman reported that the Teacher is the father of her daughters Anna and Mary. According to Yulia, a girl more like her than dad.

Yulia Peresild: “Alexey Uchitel – the father of my children”

Long time famous film Director chose not to speak about communication with Yulia Peresild. Recently, however, the Teacher broke the silence and dared to touch the subject of personal life. Figure of cinema has been a guest on the NTV program “Once”, which will air on Saturday, October 7.

“TV presenter and multiple award winner of “TEFI” Sergey Mayorov will present an interview with film Director and people’s artist of the Russian Federation Alexey Uchitel, which account for 15 37 directorial and production work. Indirectly it confirms the information that recently occurred in the media: the teacher, the father of two daughters of a famous actress Yulia Peresild,” – said the press service of the channel.

As stated in the announcement of the program, the Director will remember about the first scandal is not the shooting, serious conversation with his father Yefim Yul’evich and his debut film. In addition, Alexey Uchitel will talk about how it relates to the jokes, plays on his name, and remember the difficult situation that arose between him and a loved one on the set.

Of course, the Teacher will not leave without attention and his new film “Matilda”, which will premiere on October 26. The film caused a huge public resonance. While some want to ban the screening of the film, which tells about the relationship of Nicholas II and the ballerina Matilda Kschessinska, while others, strongly defending a new work by the artist.

Alexey Uchitel will not be the only hero of the author’s program of Sergey Mayorov. The newscast will also show an interview with Ekaterina Guseva and Milos Bikovich. Famous artist tells of the fateful decision and remember partner on the musical “Beauty and the beast”, who passed away in 2009.

In turn, Bykowicz tells about the first meeting and acquaintance with Nikita Mikhalkov. In addition, in the broadcast of Serbian actor show shared dwelling with the darling of the Aglaia Tarasova – apartment in the center of Moscow.